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If exporting were rocket science, I would not have been doing it successfully since the mid 1980’s.

It can take a little longer to achieve success, but the rewards are frequently far in excess of what companies achieve through domestic sales alone. Today’s reality is that we all serve a global market, and if we don’t respond to the challenge then our overseas competitors surely will.

Like most business activities, exporting requires organization, strategy, goal-setting, benchmarking, management and experience. Exportaid was established in 2002 to pass on some of our own experience, to build our business by adding value to the exporting activities of others, and to take the fear out of entering international markets. Exporting is rewarding, exhilarating, fun to do, but also vital to the future of your business.

John Reed, owner

The Resource Gap

Exportaid has a long history of filling gaps in resource, and has helped companies with international strategy development, creating a minimum five year plan for exports, researching international markets, and actively supporting or driving the international sales effort for the right companies. This gives them space and time to develop their own staff in key international roles.

The Rewards of Selling Internationally 

Exportaid helps companies to develop and build their international business: many offer fantastic, innovative products and services but lack the knowledge and experience to take them into international markets; some are daunted by language, cultural and regulatory challenges, and the cost of selling internationally; some fail to spot opportunities to sell their products into new markets; and others enjoy buoyant business in their home market and do not currently have a need to export. The Americans excel at selling and expect to be sold to. We British are too reticent in approaching international markets. Our products and services are generally of a very high standard, so we should be able to sell with confidence, wherever in the world we choose to sell.

Selling internationally spreads the load at those times when there is a domestic market downturn. Products which are new to a market or which offer significant unique selling propositions provide an opportunity for increased profitability. One of the advantages of selling to some of the world’s larger markets is that they demand higher quantities, and this in turn can provide economies of scale for manufacturers. Many businesses find that sales into their export markets soon outstrip domestic sales.

 Our customers thoughts

Working with Exportaid has provided us with the resources to trade outside of our home market.
Shaun Bradbury

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