‘7th’ is our monthly email circular to our customers, distributed on the 7th day of every month to keep them in touch with Exportaid news, general updates on issues of international trade and news and views that may affect international business.

We have been circulating ‘7th’ since June 2012, during which time we have covered a wide range of topics, with some editions focusing on specific topics such as Getting Paid, the effectiveness of Email Marketing, and Intellectual Property Challenges.

We have been delighted to feature articles from a number of our professional Associates without whose specific skills we could not run our business as effectively, and we have included a number of ‘Tales From The Road’ which are true stories of some of the challenges and successes I have experienced in international selling.

It is also our pleasure to feature website links and articles on companies we work with in order to raise awareness of their products and services within our customer base, and you will find numerous hints and tips, news stories and links about specific issues that affect the way we do business around the world. So please register with us to receive your monthly copy, and let us know what issues you would like to see us cover in future issues.

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John is a highly trained and skilled export consultant. He has travelled worldwide selling into various markets.

Bill Pearson - Industrial Consultant

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